Class DataTooLongException

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public class DataTooLongException
extends java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
Thrown when the supplied data does not fit any QR Code version. Ways to handle this exception include:
  • Decrease the error correction level if it was greater than Ecc.LOW.

  • If the advanced encodeSegments() function with 6 arguments or the makeSegmentsOptimally() function was called, then increase the maxVersion argument if it was less than QrCode.MAX_VERSION. (This advice does not apply to the other factory functions because they search all versions up to QrCode.MAX_VERSION.)

  • Split the text data into better or optimal segments in order to reduce the number of bits required. (See QrSegmentAdvanced.makeSegmentsOptimally().)

  • Change the text or binary data to be shorter.

  • Change the text to fit the character set of a particular segment mode (e.g. alphanumeric).

  • Propagate the error upward to the caller/user.

See Also:
QrCode.encodeText(String, QrCode.Ecc), QrCode.encodeBinary(byte[], QrCode.Ecc), QrCode.encodeSegments(java.util.List, QrCode.Ecc), QrCode.encodeSegments(java.util.List, QrCode.Ecc, int, int, int, boolean), QrSegmentAdvanced.makeSegmentsOptimally(String, QrCode.Ecc, int, int), Serialized Form
  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
    DataTooLongException​(java.lang.String msg)  
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  • Constructor Details

    • DataTooLongException

      public DataTooLongException()
    • DataTooLongException

      public DataTooLongException​(java.lang.String msg)