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Understanding Facebook IDs

Example of an FBID

Example of an FBID

On Facebook, an identifier (FBID) is assigned to most pieces of content. The identifier is a simple positive integer like 12345. You can use the FBID to cite a piece of content precisely and concisely using the URL<fbid>.

Explained below, a publicly visible FBID is available for many types of content, though not all types. These identifiers can be used (and abused) in interesting ways.


Here are some URLs of various content on Facebook. The FBID is indicated in bold:


For these top-level types, each item has an FBID:

For these types that are attached to a top-level item, each item has an FBID:

FBIDs do not seem to exist for these item types:

(These lists are incomplete. If a Facebook item is not in these lists, then I am not aware of it or I have not determined whether it has an FBID.)

How to use, and why

The main way you use an FBID is to cite a specific item. For example, it could be a person’s profile or a single photo. The alternative to using an FBID is resorting to an awkward natural language reference like “that photo where you wore the red shirt” or “that car accident thread from last night”. But there are some subtle points as well: