Project Nayuki

Supplement to my résumé

Code samples

Most of the code I have published can be found in the programming category or in my GitHub projects. Highlights:

Additionally, programming contests and exercises have trained me to implement basic algorithms quickly and correctly:

Written communication

Examples of my English-language writing can be found in the writing category. Examples of answering programming-related or technical questions can be found on my Stack Overflow. Highlights:

Languages and technologies

My most familiar languages are Java, JavaScript, Python, and C. I’m also comfortable working with C++, x86 asm, Mathematica, Haskell, and SQL. Examples:

Software tools that I frequently use for my personal projects include the Eclipse IDE, Git version control, and JUnit. I also use the Linux shell and Subversion.


When I’m not programming, I might be reading books and tech articles, cycling around town, practicing photography, or spending time with friends. Examples:

Visual examples

Nayuki's GitHub

My GitHub profile

Nayuki's Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow profile

Nayuki - Stack Overflow - Virtual memory

Writing on Stack Overflow

Sorting algorithms demo (Java)

Demo of algorithms

Chemical equation balancer (JavaScript)

JavaScript program

Tiny Encryption Algorithm in x86 assembly

x86 assembly language

I type in Dvorak

My writing

DWITE code in Eclipse

Eclipse IDE

CSC258 Computer version history in Eclipse

Git version history

Project Euler #120 solution with explanation

Mathematical proof

Nayuki's Goodreads

Books I read

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