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RollerCoaster Tycoon saved games

RollerCoaster Tycoon title screen

Here is a collection of my RollerCoaster Tycoon saved games. For each scenario, two save files are provided:

Beginning state

Saved immediately at the beginning of the game, these let you visit scenarios that you haven’t unlocked yet. This doesn’t take any work or creativity, so I take no credit for the blank games.


These are well-built theme parks made by me (Nayuki), saved just 1 or 2 days before the scenario goal is assessed. This lets you load the game, wait one minute, and quickly beat the scenario. Or you can demolish everything and play the level with a lot of money and researched rides instead of starting from scratch.

I didn’t try to maximize the number of rides, guests, money, creative designs, or anything really – these save files merely prove that I can finish the scenario. Each one took about 2 to 4 hours of time to complete. In scenarios where land or construction rights are available for purchase, I try to spend as much money as possible buying up the expansion rights. The funding for researching new rides is always set to maximum, but the sequence of inventions is never exhausted at the time the game is saved.

All of these scenarios were played and completed by me in summer (... which was 16 years after the game was released).


Index Scenario name Beginning Near-complete
10Aqua ParkDownload fileDownload file
17Big PierDownload fileDownload file
6Bumbly BeachDownload fileDownload file
16Crumbly WoodsDownload fileDownload file
4Diamond HeightsDownload fileDownload file
9Dinky ParkDownload fileDownload file
2Dynamite DunesDownload fileDownload file
5Evergreen GardensDownload fileDownload file
1Forest FrontiersDownload fileDownload file
19Ivory TowersDownload fileDownload file
12Karts & CoastersDownload fileDownload file
8Katie’s WorldDownload fileDownload file
3Leafy LakeDownload fileDownload file
18Lightning PeaksDownload fileDownload file
22Mega ParkDownload fileN/A
13Mel’s WorldDownload fileDownload file
11Millennium MinesDownload fileDownload file
14Mothball MountainDownload fileDownload file
15Pacific PyramidsDownload fileDownload file
20Rainbow ValleyDownload fileDownload file
21Thunder RockDownload fileDownload file
7Trinity IslandsDownload fileDownload file

Note: Mega Park is the final scenario that is revealed after all 21 normal scenarios are completed. It does not have a goal, and thus cannot be beaten.

If you repost these saved game files, please credit Nayuki and link back to this web page as a courtesy. Thanks!

More info

Game Beacon is another source that publishes RollerCoaster Tycoon saved game files. Their collection covers far more RCT-series games than mine!