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Recommended articles from Canadian Couch Potato investment blog

Canadian Couch Potato blog screenshot

The Canadian Couch Potato blog is a large collection of articles on investing money using index funds and a passive management strategy. In my opinion, a passive investment strategy is the wisest choice for an individual investor, and the website is an excellent self-help resource for individual Canadians who want to learn how to invest their money sensibly.

The blog contains over 350 articles, and I’ve read or skimmed all of them in the course of a few months in year 2012. Since the sheer quantity of articles would be overwhelming and hardly helpful to a beginner investor, here I have chosen and highlighted articles that will give you the most understanding for your reading time.

The list is ordered so that the most important categories are at the top, and within each category the most important articles are at the top. Feel free to jump around while reading, and to skip some of the bottommost article links.

Introduction to index investing
Overall portfolio – asset allocation and specific funds
Understanding risk
Asset allocation
Human behaviors and fallacies in investing
Tax optimization
Rebalancing your portfolio
Foreign investment
Nature of index funds

Most of the Canadian Couch Potato posts were written by Dan Bortolotti, who works at PWL Capital. Benjamin Felix, another member of the same company, published a series of videos staunchly favoring passive investing; these videos explain the financial performance and mathematical reasons to justify the ideology. A blog partly written by Ben has content that partially overlaps with the videos. Justin Bender, another employee at PWL, has a series of videos covering more of the mechanics of passive investing.