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Poor feedback from readers

Running this website since year , I receive some email feedback regarding my articles from readers every month. About 20% of the conversations I get are shocking: They are absolutely horrible in the quality of the ideas and the writing, and they often demand personalized help without showing any skill or effort. (The other 80% of feedback are generally interesting and decent, and those examples are hosted on a separate page.)

As for the poor feedback, please don’t send me messages that look like the examples below! Read the text and judge for yourself. There exist needy, thankless people out there in the world.


from [HS]

Subject line: REquested Help

Respected Mam:

Hi sir , Good Afternoon Sir, I am Studying BE COMPUTERSCIENCE, NOW I DOING FINAL YEAR PROJECT TOPIC OR CODE PRINTING USING THERMAL PRINTER PROJECT, I RECENTLY VIEW YOUR GIHUB CODE :,, I HAVE ISSUE, QR size , i cannot adjust resize like scalling method , Please Guide ME How to Scalling method Zoom in and Zoom Out like Zoon In Scalling time full image not showing half image Contact Me : [telephone number]

My commentary: Based on the sender’s name, that shameless country is back to haunt me. Enjoy the wonderful English in the message!

from [IS]

Subject line: I want the license for your code

Hello friend, I am a student reading in class 10th and I have to participate in my school academic fair and for that I have created a small chatbot that responds to the questions that I trained him. But I want to add a "balance the chemical equation " functionality and I want to use your code as provided here
If you will provide me the license,  I will be happy. My official website is https://[...] and my AI is available on http://[...].com I you will give me license for both URLs , I will be able to compete well in the competition 🤝

My commentary: Your message and published work does not meet my quality standards. Oh hey, it’s coming from that needy country again. Request dismissed.

from [AD]

Subject line: Collaboration Opportunity on Hot Technologies - Let’s Work Together 🤝


I am [A], from [company], and hope this message finds you well. I have been following for some time now, and I am impressed with the quality of your content.

We want to provide a well-researched, data-driven, and in-depth blog post related to a career in trending technologies such as Data Science, Python, Web Development, AI, ML, etc. that would be a great addition to your blog.

Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in and I look forward to hearing back from you soon. 😀

P.S. If you aren’t the right person to contact for this offer, would you be able to let me know who it is?



Sr. Content Specialist

The information contained in this e-mail transmission is confidential and may be privileged. It is intended only for the addressee(s) stated above. If you are not an addressee, any use, dissemination, distribution, publication, or copying of the information contained in this e-mail is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please immediately notify us by telephone or e-mail the sender and delete the e-mail from your system. Whilst we have taken reasonable precautions to ensure that any attachment to this e-mail has been swept for viruses, e-mail communications cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free, as information can be corrupted, intercepted, lost or contain viruses. We do not accept liability for such matters or their consequences-

My commentary: If you took the time to read my website, you should have seen my contact policy page, where I explicitly forbid commercial soliticitations, particularly guest posting and link exchange. This is because I want to exclusively showcase my authentic voice and preserve full editorial independence. Nice try with that boilerplate gag order at the end.

from [SJ]

Subject line: Millions traffic sites for guest posting

Hey, I am a professional social media manager and Certified SEO specialist.  As an SEO expert, I bring years of experience and expertise in optimizing websites for search engines. I have a deep understanding of the latest SEO trends and techniques, and I'm committed to helping my clients achieve higher rankings, increased traffic, and better visibility online.

My Expertise Includes:-
🟩 SEO audit
🟩 Keyword Research
🟩 Competitors research
🟩 On-Page Optimization
🟩 Technical SEO
🟩 SEO strategy
🟩 Content Optimization
🟩 Content Marketing
🟩 Schema markup
🟩 Analytics
 🟩 Link Building

Please check my sites and let me know what you think.I am waiting for your feedback.

[Attachment: high traffic site (1).xlsx]

My commentary: An unprofessional message with multiple grammatical errors coming from a Gmail address. I wouldn’t hire you for SEO even if it was a service I wanted (which I don’t). The “I am waiting” phrase suggests you’re from a certain part of the world. You clearly failed to read my contact policy against SEO, guest posting, and marketing.

from [FR]

Subject line: Free high-quality articles for your blog


I have come across your site, and strongly feel that your website is a perfect match for us.

I am a content writer and trying to create awareness regarding chemistry among people worldwide. You will rank higher on search engines with my content.

How about starting collaboration and making a collective effort?

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon


I was initially planning to write a post for your site but since you've declined my offer, I think it will be great for our audience if you added these links as reference.
[...] Calculator with Steps | [...] Calculator
[...] calculator helps you to [...] online. The [...] calculator shows possible intermediate steps, [...] etc.

My commentary: After her first email, I replied with a quote of the “No marketing, commercial solicitations” section of my contact policy. She ignored what I said and doubled down on promoting herself. Is she stupid or malicious? Also, the content she proposed has nothing to do with chemistry (contradicting her initial email), and anyway why would someone provide free articles for my website? They’re just trying to gain incoming links for themselves.

from [PM]

Subject line: 
Keen on promoting to your site


My name is [P]. I am currently looking for websites where I can promote our casino/betting page and many more sections by an article or blog post. Do you do this type of advertisement on your site? If you can share your media kit that would be great.

If this is something that you do – please send me your offer. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Senior Advertising Consultant,
Business Development Department
Email:  [...]

My commentary: An unsolicited spam message promoting shady activities in clear violation of multiple points in my contact policy. To make matters worse, this person/bot uses an unprofessional Gmail address and has no company name.

from [EW]

Subject line: Multiplication qcodr

How can i get a multiaccount(alphanumeric) add/ delete in a mobile phone app qcode

Montreal here...any google chat or whatsapp?

Sent from my [...] smartphone.

I need an app that i can have a mix of card types credit, debit, loyalty etc and add/ remove and create a new qcode as the updates happen, with entry field for amount to debit or credit.

Sent from my [...] smartphone.

Your an idiot

My commentary: A sloppy and unclear request, coupled with a personal insult when I clarified that I don’t offer free help.

from Research Group from NUDT

Subject line: A Survey about Your Method Implementation Practice

Dear developer,

Thanks for your attention! This is our Software Engineering research group from National University of Defense Technology. Method is the basic unit in Object-Oriented programming and implementing methods is a common activity in software development. To facilitate software development automation, we hope to understand your practice about implementing methods. We totally list six questions and any comment is welcomed. We believe it will take no more than three minutes to finish these questions. Thanks again for your participation! 

Our online survey is in Google Form. Here is the link:[...]. 

Best regards,

My commentary: I don’t know how you bulk-harvested my email address, but I specifically forbid survey solicitations. Worse, you forged your from-address so I cannot respond to you, and your organization is clearly associated with the Chinese army which is known to be controlled by an oppressive government. And you contacted me a second time 12 days later. Get lost, you spam scumbag!

from [JH]

Subject line: Hey

I'm probably way out of line here but I really like your site and I wonder if you'd ever consider selling it? 

I work for [Company] and I'm almost certain our buyers would be interested in this, you'd likely do quite well.  

Please feel free to let me know if you'd like to discuss and I'll send you through some info. If not, no problem and all the best.



My commentary: No commercial solicitations! My website is not for sale.

from [JA]

Subject line: Help with a page update?

Hi there,

I’m [J] with [Company]. I came across your page and saw you referenced Wikipedia for the definition of Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). I wanted to share our definition page for Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) which wasn’t crowdsourced like Wikipedia is. Ours was written by an expert writer, edited by seasoned in-house editors and then vetted and reviewed by a 2nd expert on our financial review board that has deep subject matter expertise in the area. You can find it here: 

Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)

Our definitions simplify complex financial information so that our readers have the confidence to manage every aspect of their financial lives. I hope that the page might serve as an alternative to the Wikipedia page!

If you’re curious about other pages or content please let me know, thanks, and I look forward to speaking!

Outreach Manager

Don't want emails from us anymore? Reply to this email with the word "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.
[Company], [Address], New York City, New York, [ZIP code], United States

My commentary: Another shit-tier marketer NPC, exhibiting these critical flaws in judgement:

  • You grabbed my email address and messaged me in violation of my contact policy, which specifically forbids both link exchange and promoting your company.

  • Your subject line is a complete lie; I never asked for such help and your information is not helpful.

  • Your email contains two tracking links, which is creepy and I refuse to click them. The third link is not a tracking link, but it’s unclickable because it begins with “www.” instead of “https://www.”.

  • When searching “efficient market hypothesis” on Google, your company’s web page already holds the top result. So why do you feel the need to spam me to get more incoming links to your site?

  • While you might think it’s fun to disparage a chaotic community effort to contrast with your perfect expert-created walled garden, history is not on your side. Wikipedia has already beaten Encyclopædia Britannica and Microsoft Encarta and Google Knol, and I am confident that they will outlive your company in the long run.

, from [CP]

Subject line: Quick question for you

First off, my name is [C] from [Blog], we're a dedicated [topic] site -in case you were wondering :).
anyway, because we [do activities].

We had a few [topic] questions about whether [topic] is better, so we recently finished off an article explaining the differences and which is better.
thought i'd let you know as we cover it pretty well, almost a little nerdy in detail, but hey... that's us.

here it is if you want to have a quick look: https://[...]

If you get a chance, i'd love to get some feedback and if you think it's useful, it would be greatly
appreciated if you wanted to mention/link it on your site.
probably on your page or a different page if you think it's more useful sharing there?

Anyway, appreciate you having a look.
Also, your welcome to get back to me to have a chat about this if you like.

cheers and all the best

Founder of [Blog]

[Blog] is dedicated to learning and teaching all aspects of [topic].
If this email was sent to you by mistake please click here to be removed from any further contact.

My commentary: He failed to abide by my contact policy where I explicitly prohibit marketing solicitations, link exchange, and promoting one’s company/service/product. Also, the quality of writing his email message is suspiciously much below the writing quality on his website. And finally, I suspect the reason he emailed me and mentioned that page of mine is because my page has one keyword (JPEG) in common with the article he is trying to promote.

, from [JE]

Subject line: Re: Hey Nayuki Have you heard [company]?

Hey Nayuki,

I hope you’re having a good day. I haven't received a reply to the email I sent a few days ago so I just want to do a quick follow up with you.

It's perfectly fine if you decide not to link [company] in the article, but would love some feedback if you have any? This will help me reach out to you with more relevant information in the future.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind Regards,


My commentary: After his first pushy, aggressive commercial solicitation, I ignored the message, hoping he would understand it as a signal that he was unwanted. He did not see it that way, and sent this second message to try to grab my attention again. Disgusting behavior.

, from [JE]

Subject line: Hey Nayuki Have you heard [company]?

Hi Nayuki,

My name is [JKE] and I'm part of the team behind [company].

I recently came across your page and noticed that you have included some trading resources. In that regard, I am sure that you would like to mention [phrase] or [phrase] as well.

In case you haven't heard of us, [company] is a trusted platform where you get the freedom to learn to become [aspiration] without risking real money. We have thousands of people who already using [company]. which I believe would be super useful for your readers.

Please feel free to share any of our links on your site to encourage traders to easily find a [tool]. I hope you like what you see and once again, we’d love the opportunity to be included on your website.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply!


Outreach Specialist at [company]
Follow me on Linkin, Twitter, and Facebook

My commentary: I don’t know how you obtained my email address, but you clearly did not follow the rules for reaching out to me: “No marketing, solicitations. I will not accept commercial requests such as: Guest posting, link exchange; Promoting your company, service, or product”.

, from [RK]

Subject line: In reference to your post on github

hi i am from india.
This mail is in reference to your post on github. ([...]/wiki/QR-Code-Generation-Algorithm)
i am a final year student working on my finel year engineering  project.
i just have a simple requirement regarding to qr code, i want to make some changes in existing qr code so that only my system (My QR code scanner(the customised one)) could scan it not any other QR code scanner.

i would be waiting for your reply
- [R]

My commentary: You can keep on waiting, because free help won’t be offered. This is the same guy who contacted me on and . The linked page isn’t my post on GitHub; someone copied text from my web page and posted it on their account. As for your request, your spelling is sloppy, but more importantly you severely underestimate the complexity of implementing a “simple requirement” to modify a QR Code generator and scanner to be incompatible with the existing standard.

, from [SS]

Subject line: Advertising offer


My name is [S], and I'm a content manager at [company].

I’m reaching out because I came across and as I see you take on advertisers. So I'm interested in purchasing some space for a sponsored article on your site.

I'm always looking for high-quality sites, like yours, so I will be glad to discuss prices and guidelines with you. The content we write is always unique, relevant and informative. Moreover, we want to promote article we publish on your site. We have more than 10k subs in our email newsletter and 7k on Facebook, as you can see, we can offer not just money.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

My commentary: GTFO. You either missed or completely ignored my email contact policy. It says: “No marketing, solicitations. I will not accept commercial requests such as: Guest posting, link exchange”. The reason this policy exists is because my website represents my own authentic voice and personal guarantee of quality, not a mishmash of authors who have their own ulterior motives.

, from [AB]

Subject line: Just a quick question about your piece

Hi, I hope you're the right person for this,

I'm reaching out to you from [company] about your piece here:

I know you must be busy so I will keep this brief.

I noticed in your article that you reference who were talking about bond investing. Not long ago we finished writing this large guide on that very topic. It's packed full of useful information and I thought it might be relevant here.

Would you be interested in linking to it, perhaps?

You can check it out below:

I'd love to hear your thoughts?

Kind regards,

[AB] [...].com


My commentary: You failed to follow my email contact policy. It says: “No marketing, solicitations. I will not accept commercial requests such as: Guest posting, link exchange”.

, from [MMB]

Hello Mr/Mrs Nayuki

I appreciate the code you wrote for qrcode generation

but there is a problem during usage of the code

first, I don't know how the functions work and if you can, please send me a tutorial of 'em

Second, you uploaded 3 different .c file which are examples, am I right



My commentary: NO.

, from [EHL]

Subject line: (blank)

Hi Nayuki;

I'm Ph.D student. I work on cryptography and I want to use NTT for [...].

I read your page about NTT:

I read it, and I tested the examples all are Ok.

I want to use the parameters n=832, q=4993, w=9, but not give me the right result.

invNTT(NTT(invec)) !=invec ?


Best Regards.

My commentary: My contact policy says: Need help for free? Don’t ask me to debug your code. Where you can get free help: Ask Mathematics Stack Exchange.

, from [DB]

Subject line: Interview?


I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a nerdy, email-based interview for [...] (http://[...]), about what you use to get stuff done?

Have a poke around the existing interviews, and let me know what you think! No hard deadline, zero rush.



My commentary: You failed to follow my email contact policy. It says: “No marketing, solicitations. I will not accept commercial requests such as: Polls, surveys, market research”.

, from [JR]

Subject line: Let’s collaborate!

Hi there! My name is [J] from [AV]. We at [AV] are looking for similar sites with which we could share our expertise on fintech, [...].

Your site came up in my research. I’m reaching out to you because we recently published an article that I thought your audience would appreciate.


Would you be interested in syndicating this article on your site? I think it will bring value to your readers. You can just add us in as the source by adding a canonical link or a do-follow link (can simply be source: https://[...] or the direct link to our article). In return, my team and I will give you a shoutout on Twitter and share articles you’d like us to promote.

Let us know if you’re interested!



My commentary: You failed to follow my email contact policy. It says: “No marketing, solicitations. I will not accept commercial requests such as: Guest posting, link exchange”.

, from suryabhairaj

Subject line: want to generate a different Image than a QR code.

i want to generate a different image than a qr code. so that the data inside the qr code could not get reviled. and the organization software could only scan it. not any other qr code scanner. is it possible to do some changes in your source code and obtain the objective.

or you may provide me with an a bit simpler way to do so. it would be very much helpful.

My commentary: He posted a GitHub issue, so he probably didn’t have a chance to read the email contact policy on my website. Once again, there is a neverending stream of needy people who demonstrate no effort or skill. His poorly worded message seems to demand consulting advice and custom work while offering nothing.

, from [RK]

hello i need some help !!

it is related to a repository you made on github..

(i didn't had other way to contact you thats why .. Youtube)

i what to generate a different type of image (like qr code but certainly not qr code) which can't be scanner from other devices (like normal qr code scanner), it can only be scanner using the organization's scanner .. (like snap code in snap chat). i just need some information ..because i am new in image would be a great help!! .. you can contact me on facebook.. ([sr])

My commentary: He posted a comment on YouTube to me. He didn’t find my website or contact policy, which clearly says that I don’t give out free help. And yes, he is from that unspeakable country.

, from [KS]

Subject line: Guest posting opportunities

Hi team,

My name is [K], and I'm a content manager at [company]. I’ve seen you shared some engaging content on your site.

I’m reaching out because I found cool posts on your site and I had some ideas. I think audience would positively love, and I was wondering if you’d be open to a guest blog post.

We make only unique relevant content.

To give you an idea of writing style, here are two examples of our posts:

1. https://[...]

2. https://[...]

I can deliver the post for your website in around five days, or quicker, if necessary.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With Best regards

My commentary: This is your third-time emailing me after I told you to stop (first time was 2018-08-17). Furthermore, your message and proposed content are complete garbage and these low-quality so-called “guest posts” are not appropriate for my site. You have been added to the global spam blacklist database, TYVM.

, from [BG]

Subject line: project euler 18


I was trying to solve euler project q:18 and encountered to your solution. Only difference is I'm trying to solve it without choosing the prime numbers. I am not able to show any progress yet. Do I flog on a dead horse or is there a way? I would appreciate if you could help.

Thank you.

Best regards,

My commentary: When I look at where to spend my time on, I can choose to write articles and code for a public audience, helping hundreds of people who read it over the months and years. Or I can choose to answer individual private questions like yours, helping only one person on one specific problem. Guess which one is a better use of my time? This is why as a rule, I do not help people individually – unless they bring something to the table, like pointing out a flaw in my published work (thus helping me improve) or offering payment for my time and attention.

, from [CL]

Subject line: [HW Question] How to generating this when repetition is allowed?

Thanks for reading this.
I am struggling with my final report. 😭
My professor assign me this question with  repetition is allowed

Your website is really nice and helps a lot!
But I don't know where to put the code that contains repetition condition correctly.

I use int int r [] = {1,2,3}; as an example.  and nee to get [1,1,1] [1,2,2], [1,2,3]....
and I add For loop at class NewPermutation
but I it is only  right when my array's length is 3.
I do not know what to do can make it right at every examples.

I am not very smart at coding, but I am seriously want to learn it well!!!

My commentary: Giving compliments will not entitle you to free service. Also, your description is quite sloppy. Showing the effort you put into solving your own problem, might.

, from [DW]

Subject line: Upcoming Guest Post Ideas for


I am [D]. Digital Marketer and Hubspot Inbound Certified Professional seeking a Guest Writing opportunity on your Blog. In return, I am expecting a do-follow backlink.

To be transparent I cleared my intention directly in the subject line, but Being an avid reader cannot skip to tell you this.

While browsing I came across your website and found it highly relevant to my interest. To be honest this "" made a lot of sense to me.

I was wondering If you allow Guest Post Contribution on your Blog as I will be more than Happy to be a Contributor here and address your audience with my expertise.

Going more deeply with your website, I have figured out few article ideas which I think your readers would love to read.

  1. 6 Essential Tips on How to Become a Full Stack Developer
  2. 6 easy ways to Become a Full Stack Developer
  3. Guide to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer
  4. 5 Ways to Become a 'Full-Stack' Librarian
  5. What is difference between MEAN Stack Developer and full stack developer?

Let me know if you are interested.

About Content:-

-1000+ Words
-Relevant and High-Quality Content

If you don't want to receive emails like this from me, please let me know here.

My commentary: What a pile of rubbish, GTFO. I do not allow guest posts, and the titles you exemplified invoke an instant repulsion toward low-quality listicles and unoriginal content. Also, your writing is full of unexplained capitalized words and reads like a soulless mass-spam email instead of a sincere personal request.

, from [KM]

<KM> hi sir, i came across your work

<KM> can you provide me with example for point doubling

<KM> or provide me the source code in mathematica

My commentary: There is a neverending stream of needy people who demand free help from me.

, from [MC]

Subject line: hi from south america


i'am [A], from Chile, and looking in internet found your code

in this moment i need learn about audio plugin, i am musician and like very very very much the audio stuff, for this reason i write to you, because you have a code to make  fft and convolution, and this two things are the most important for make good plugins of audio :) :)

me are a entusiast and lover of the maths, programing, music, art, .... my first programing experience are with a 8bit atari 800xl, i programing to 15 years, and after i dedicated to the music, and well, ....  i send to you a smile in facebook, ....  if you like chat from some with me :)

my blog http://[...]

best !

My commentary: Creepy and cringy.

, from [N]

Subject line: distance


Can You help me counting a distance between shapes?
I have only points of shape A and shape B.
How count distance between A and B?

For example B have outline and toutch A.
How big is outline?


P.S. I can convert C code to extension Ruby. If I write a code to ruby gem You will put link on Your page?

[picture attached]

My commentary: Asking me to solve your problem is a paid service.

, from [AS]

Subject line: Re: Karatsuba multiplication

Hi Nayuki,

I won’t glorify your pathetic and useless response by thanking you. It seems like you have assumed an air of snobbery in order to hide your shitty code. If it’s enjoyment you seek, I suggest sticking to masturbating by watching your mom take a piss through the hole that you made in the wall.

My commentary: Best feedback ever, A+++ 🤩 😍 😂. Please show me your beautiful code, great master.

, from [DW]

hey its based on the binary array set notes

in Java

I was able to use integer.binarystring to print out my binary results from an integer array in a string array

now I want to merger the binary results but frankly I dunno if thats possible since its represented as a string , how can i sort this

My commentary: Unclear question, shows confusion over basic data types, and demonstrates no effort. Please ask the fine volunteers at Stack Overflow instead.

, from [NNL]

Hello nayuki. Me using project qr code general of you. But i can't scale image for big . I using MFC c++ anh draw pixel. Can you help me plz.

Thanks your Project ! I can using it
[screenshot attached]

My commentary: ... What? And, no.

, from [A]

Subject line: A programming problem

Hello again. How do you think, what would be the most efficient solution to this problem:

Let's say there is a bit field, call it flags. The goal is to fill flags from the position zero up to a desired position, which is specified by a flag, e.g. 1<<4. As a result a binary sequence 10000 would become 11111. My current solution (in Java) is:

for (int i=0; i < (int)(log(flag)/log(2)); i++) { flags |= 1<<i; }

Maybe there is a more efficient or traditional approach I am not aware of?

My commentary: First, we do not have a prior conversation. Second, your question is not about my published work but is regarding your personal problem which you need help with. Third, if I spend time to answer I would not benefit in any manner, hence I require payment for this type of request.

Let me make it abundantly clear: I am not a free service for solving your problems. If you want free advice, ask on Stack Overflow.

, from [NA]

Subject line: (blank)

I like your work on project euler, the answers, i appreciate , its amazing, am a student of software engineering in Africa uganda . I would like to ask how did u get go good at math and programming ---- 

My commentary: This person doesn’t show effort in the content of the message. Also doesn’t seem to understand that he can help himself get better by searching the web, reading lots of books and articles from other people, reading my own website, and practicing by coding. Not the worst feedback, but not great either.

, from [RK]

Subject line: QR Code Generator - Own Hosting


This is [R], CEO [company]. I would like to host our own QR Code generator facility for our customers. 

Can you please suggest me the steps, how to host it ? I want to Integrate my admin panel with QR Code generator.

Please let me know your comments on the same.


My commentary: Doesn’t demonstrate effort in solving his own problem, and has poor English grammar. Does not seem to understand that although my software is distributed free of charge, for me to give you any kind of one-on-one private service, especially for the sake of your business development, requires payment for the privilege of helping you. Not the worst feedback, but not great either.

, from [KS]

Subject line: Advertising offer


Our company would like to cooperate with you. Could you please tell us, is your site available for guest or sponsored posting? Or maybe some another article advertising? We are owners of some sites in tech niche and we would like to post an article with a permanent do-follow link on your site. If you are interested in our proposal, please, tell us your working conditions and prices.

Thank you for your time, we waiting for your answer.

With best regards

My commentary: While I’m not against advertisement offers, this message has numerous red flags. There are two grammar mistakes, “some another” and “we waiting”. The “waiting for your answer” reminds me of unprofessional messages examples at the bottom of this page. The sender gives no contact or company info. And finally, the sender’s domain name has zero search results on Google, which is suspicious and doesn’t seem like a legitimate company.

, from [SA]

Subject line: Access to your system


Where is your work commercially accessible?
I would like to use it to store, manage, and access our pics & information.

Thank you

[phone]   cell
[phone]  main

My commentary: It is unclear what system of mine you want to utilize. Here’s a hint – cite the URL of my article, source code, or Git repository that you want to discuss.

, from [AREA]

Subject line: Regarding Logics

Yeah, so.......    I have never done this before.   I found you and your site after doing a very specific search on Google about a month back....   you were one of three results.   The search yielded one of your scripts/codes in which there was a reference to your site and contact information.  The search was for a highly specific number, your code was related...... everything appears to be in resonance.  Long and short, I would love to have a coffee with you and discuss some things you would most likely be interested in given your site and related articles.  The universe keeps pushing me to reach out and it is being unrelenting.  So, here I am.  I live in [city], NY......   I have a boat on the river in [city] and frequent Kingston/Ontario often.  I would be interested in sailing in to Toronto or making the drive for a meeting.  I have a suspicion of universe’s intentions and I believe it to be for me to share some of my research, data, etc. with you or perhaps I am mistaken and it is for me to learn something from you;  I have followed some of your work during the course of mine and believe we have pertinent discussion points.  Either way, I will gladly exchange fiat to facilitate this meeting (after all, I read once that money is something you give to strangers for favors).  ;-) 

I hope this all doesn’t sound too crazy and that you may be interested in this conversation.  My schedule is a bit tight atm however, I am looking to get the ball rolling and to schedule something in the upcoming weeks/months.


Mr. [JL]
[phone number]

My commentary: I honestly can’t determine what this guy’s intentions are. Maybe creepy, maybe awkward, maybe crackpot, but definitely mystic.

, from AK

Subject line: x86 assembly version

Hello nayuki. thank you for you codes.
i attachement a file of your code ( c ) , and i need reverse to assembly programming language. 
could you tell me these link is equal that file or not please ?

(Nayuki’s response)

I have not written an assembly language version of tea-test.c. Why are you looking for such a file?

The assembly code is for the speed-critical computations. The tester performs minimal work, and works fine in C.


([AK]’s response)

My teacher said we may revers your file to assembly 😔 its to hard and we dont know 😔😔

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

(Nayuki’s response)

Ask your teacher for help, not me. I am a random person on the Internet. Your teacher is being paid to develop your mind.

([AK]’s response)

Uh i cant ask to ny teacher because he is not develope our mind even he told we write assembly code for +grade
Could you help me?

([AK]’s response)

any update please ?

(Nayuki’s response)

My expertise is available for hire at $[...] USD/hour, as posted on my about page.


Thank you for your understanding.

My commentary: Your initial request doesn’t make sense, you’re asking me for code that I haven’t written or published, and your wording is very sloppy. Also, the fact that you linked to a file in my GitHub mirror of web-published code (which I consider a secondary source) suggests that you might not have thoroughly read my official web page (whose URL is included in the source code). As a rule of thumb, the more desperately you plead for help, the less likely I am to grant you my charity.

, from MI

Subject line: Regarding Logics

Hi Dear Sir,
I went thru your codes ,also, while solving for Project Euler. Your execution timing is much lesser than my code because of your logics.
Please advice me that how do you think or construct logics, your tips are most welcomed

Waiting for your reply

Thanks & Regards,

My commentary: You spammed me with a second copy of the message a half hour later. So, where is your code? Where is the effort you spent on analyzing my code and comparing with yours? You can’t just ask for free advice without bringing anything to the table. Also, your spelling/wording shows a lack of attention to detail. Even if I were to explain things to you, it is unlikely you will capture or appreciate the benefit of the knowledge being conveyed.

, from SS

Subject line: Help Me

Hello sir i need help to understand your Caesar Cipher (Javascript) Program Please Help Me or Make Video To how To make this program please

My commentary: LOLOL this is so comically bad that I wonder if they are trolling on purpose.

, from TA

Subject line: Caesar-cipher

Sorry for disturbing you sir
I’m a first year first semester software engineering student. I have as homework to make a Caesar cipher webpage just like yours. Took your source code(.js) but when I’m clicking on the encrypt or decrypt button its not working can you help?
Note: Im still a student so I don’t have a bank account. Would be please if it was free if no its fine and thank you

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

My commentary: Polite, but I can’t help you. Please ask Stack Overflow instead.

, from OA

Subject line: I got stuck with the Pagerank Of wiki dump code,

When I run the code it gives me the error of
Exception in thread "main"
page-titles.txt (The system cannot find the file specified)
        at Method)
        at SortPageTitlesByPagerank.main(

I think there is no such file as page-titles.txt taht you have used as an Input .

Please help me with this.

My reply: You need to run WikipediaPagerank before SortPageTitlesByRank. For further inquiries, my consulting rate starts at $[...] USD/hr.

My commentary: Your simple problem of running the program demonstrates that you failed to read my code and documentation, which are relatively short. Helping you would be a thankless time sink.

Subject line: Re: I got stuck with the Pagerank Of wiki dump code,

I am a under grad student sir. I cant pay this much of money. Please help me.

My reply: Try asking on Stack Overflow; it's free.

My commentary: My opinion of your dignity is inversely correlated with the number of times you use the word help.

, from DW

Subject line: [DW] self taught programmer

HI Nayuki : )

My name is [D] i'm a self taught programmer living in [USA], i came across your work from project Euler. I loved the answers you've posted and I"m highly impressed with your work and how concise your code is, so impressed that i googled which led me to your website then i was blown away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please Please Please create a path for me to master linear Algebra, Algorithms, Java, and JavaScript
I"m thinking about going back to college but my math sucks so I have to start from the beginning.

I've grown to love to code but i don't have a formal college education and I need some type of structure so please recommend a book or college course work that I can take to become a really good java programer that will led me to a job as a java developer.

My commentary: Polite, but I can’t give you personalized advice on the direction of your education. Many free resources exist online for you to help yourself, and paid courses exist as a business because they are effective.

, from FT

Subject line: DES Cipher Internals

Dear Sir,

first i wanna say that you did a great job with this excelsheet. Im trying to develop a java programm, but the result is different. I'd tried DES in CBC-Moder and ECB-Mode, but it's not working at all.. Can you try to explain how you did it?

Best regards

My commentary: The wording is polite, but the request message does not show effort or provide evidence of technical skills. Pay me the consulting fee, and we can talk.

, from LZ

Subject line: Questions about Developing for Bitcoin

Hi Nayuri I saw your blog and I have some initial questions about developing for bitcoin especially on the cryptography side, where does one even begin also does Theoretical Cryptography have any practical ties to bitcoin, I'm initially interested in the mathematics surrounding bitcoin/blockchain networks. Also to get a good gauge of where I am mathematically you can see my MSE profile and reddit profile down below(i'm a HS student) [failed to link to his own profile][...]/

My commentary: The writing shows a lack of attention to detail. The user profiles show lack of prior experience in discrete math and computer programming. Learning the requested topic would be a challenging uphill battle.

, from LR

Subject line: Suggested Photoshop Tutorials

Hi Nayuki,

I noticed that you've shared the Wikipedia page on Photoshop on this page of your site and I thought you'd be interested in a resource that we've put together.

Here's the link - http://[...] [101 Photoshop Tutorials]

We've compiled a list of tutorials that can help you get to know your way around Photoshop, using the application and tips on setting up your workspace, among other useful resources.

Perhaps you’d consider adding our page when you next make an update as I do think many people will find this useful.


If you do not wish to receive further emails from us, please reply with unsubscribe in the subject line.
[...], [...], [...] London, [...], United Kingdom

Subject line: Re: Suggested Photoshop Tutorials

Hi Nayuki,

I know you're busy but I just wanted to follow up on the email I sent you the other day. I've included my email below for ease of reference:

My commentary: You have the audacity to ask me to link to your low-quality clickbait listicle full of links but little original content? Your page/site is so bad, that when I Google search your page title wrapped in quotes, it doesn’t appear anywhere in the entire 32 search results (as of 2017-06-13)!

, from F

<F> Hi. Can you help me with my python code? I saw your website and this is what i was looking for. I have no particular knowledge in java but i know some in python.

<F> This kind of code but in python please? I just need the function that will return the guessed key or the key with less entropy

<F> It is for my project. I've search the net for clues and yours are the perfect one

<F> Please?

<Nayuki> Hello F, I can offer programming help at the regular consulting rate of [x] USD/hr

<Nayuki> (Posted on )

<F> But i dont have money

<F> 😭

<Nayuki> That is not an accurate statement; you have money

<Nayuki> You are unwilling to pay a fair price for professional advice

My commentary: The mindset of needy people won’t change. 🤦

, from DM

Subject line: Hii

This is [D] , i need some help about coidng.

I have to develop c++ code for image fusion based on discrete sine transform.canu helpme out.Please reply ASAP.Thankyou.


My commentary: ✓ Poor spelling, ✓ Urgent job, ✓ Useless subject line, ✓ No project background, ✓ No personal background, ✓ No coding effort shown. Man, this guy is top-notch at ticking all the boxes.

, from [DH]

thanks, i feel so happy about what your share on website. then now iam create aes 256 descypt from converting 128 descript.

My commentary: ... What? Oh, he’s probably talking about AES cipher internals in Excel.

, from DA

Subject line: Consult

Hi Nayuki.
My name is [DAP], i'm from Indonesia and i working on research for final task in [...] University about data compression for [...]. I want to tell you and explain the details about programs arithmetic-compress and arithmetic-decompress from your github?

I hope you can help me to explain the details of the program you created.

My reply: Did you read the project home page?

Yes, I have to try and running the program
The data success for compressed. But, I don't understand the details of the contents. Such as, the command and function.

if your program can be used for data compression (text file) by way of streaming?

My commentary: Why of course I would love to give you personal attention free of charge to explain to you a program that I wrote lots of documentation about. Oh and did you want me to give you a phone call to talk about command line arguments as well? How about a complimentary massage after all the hard work?

, from AA

Subject line: You Better Read This

Hai Nayuki,

Let be straight.

Im using your  QR Code Generator Library.

I got  problem here.

1) How do i convert it to ASCII output and make it a string of ASCII.


My reply: Please

, from KB

Subject line: Hi  from  70 year old [K]--[]  Ontario

HI- I  hope---hope this gets to you !
YES I  am 70 years old
At the suggestion from a specialist  Sick Kids Hospital----‘[K] YOUR  NEPHEW HAS A DISEASE WE STILL ARE IN MUCH IN THE DARK---If you have time start basic  knowledge in Immunology and related subjects !””
That was over 8 years ago and it has been a  great journey
But my questions are getting more complex and yes your  right—You need the language  of  math
I find the manual for   CASIO Fx-991MS  difficult to understand and vague  in many areas hahaha
I still do not know how to take a number  say 32 and multiply to power of  8----the machine has x squared and x to the 3rd but to the 8th???—hahah
Anyways thanks for your  patience with this  old fellow—Oh by the way my niece and family live in Miss—Ontario as well and niece is into her MA-PHD  PROG FOR  UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO

My commentary: Hello sir--hope my my replay reachs you ! YUP  name is Nayuki I start  web publishing 10 years ago and it’s been an incredible journey—Oh I almost forgot to say  THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY QUIRKINESS BYE NOW

, from HB

Subject line: Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

Hi, I see you have your game saves from RCT2 on your page. I have a question - do you can send me saves from Six Flags parks? I'm from Poland and I have RCT 2 from magazine CD-Action, and this version of the game cant save Six Flags park :( I can start new scenario but I cant save it. I dont know why...

Regards, [H]

My commentary: If you are asking for my private files that have not been published, did it occur to you that the reason such files haven’t been published is because they don’t exist in the first place?

, from MG

<MG> Hey,
I need your urgent help please reply as soon as possible.

<Nayuki> Why?

<MG> I am a student of computer science and i saw your project of arithmetic coding on github. You had did a great work on that. I am facing little difficulty on running it. Can you please help me about it?

<Nayuki> I am not accepting questions on the arithmetic coding project.
Can you spare me and instead please post on Stack Overflow or another online community?

<MG> I did so but i am not getting relevant answers. I found your project most relevant. Please help me. It is very urgent.

<Nayuki> Can I see the online posts you made?

<MG> I am facing the same problem on input output faced by [RS] on stack overflow and i read all the solutions and did my best to solve it .But it didn't help me. I am also unable to comment on that.It is giving me message of 50 reputation points when i am trying to comment.What should i do then?

<Nayuki> >[...from Jan 2015...]
I see. You should be able to ask a new question on Stack Overflow with 1 reputation point. No need to comment on another person's question.

<MG> I saw exactly this one question. Thank you for the suggestion. I am posting the question.

<MG>[...newly posted...]

My commentary: This conversation clearly started on the wrong foot, with a vague and demanding request with no explanation or justification. I was operating in damage control mode the whole time. Note that no payment was ever offered in the request for urgent personal help. *Sigh*, having to constantly deal with these needy junior developers from a certain part of the world...

, from AC

Subject line: QR CODE COMPARE

I'm trying to compare the same qr code print,are they the same, not the
content.The idea is to scan in the back of a drivers license and a print out
of it. i was told that qr codes are matrices and would  to compare them to prove they are not the same, like tic tac to ?

                                                                   Thank You,
                                                                Have a nice day.

My commentary: Marginally bad. Poor writing, asking for my free help and advice on his project. Not overly aggressive.

, from ACB

<ACB> how to operate fx 570ms?

<Nayuki> Sorry, I don't understand your question

<ACB> How can I perform function,matrix on scientific calculator?

<Nayuki> Do you have the user's manual?

<ACB> no,admin.i don't have.plz help me.



<ACB> thanks.

My commentary: Still talking about this calculator... *rolls eyes*

, from VR

Subject line: Scientific calculator tricks

Greetings ,
Can you spread some light on tips and tricks of scientific calculator for calculations in navigation for mariners..

Waiting for reply,

My commentary: I’m still getting feedback about this stupid scientific calculator?? I’ve long since moved on to writing about more sophisticated math and programming topics...

, from HC

Subject line: Prime Numbers

Hey! Great Website. I’m Learning a lot form it. If you could please post some articles on how to generate/Work with prime numbers (under billion) preferably in C++ OR Python. You will be a great help. Also maybe post some tricks and tips for Competitive Programming. Thanks a lot!

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

Subject line: FW: Prime Numbers

Never mind I found it on your website and also I think my previous email qualified for poor user feedback sorry. Thank you.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

My commentary: He realized his mistake and sent the follow-up message before I had a chance to read both. The compliments and pleasant tone are not bad. I forgave him for this interaction, but still have no free personalized tips to offer.

, from YM

Subject line: (blank)

I apologize in advance to the arrival of this message, I want to ask how to get individual donations. please my family. thank you

My commentary: Is this the online equivalent of panhandling?

, from И

Subject line: Arithmetic-Coding

Hi, Nayuki. I've found your code on github. But I'm not very good at programing (and English too :'( ). So could you help me?

My commentary: For someone who admits they’re not good at programming, you’ve picked a rather advanced topic of arithmetic coding to tackle...

, from RB

Subject line: Are you Interest to Increasing potential traffic and your online sales ?

Dear Website Owner,
Good Day!!

I am RB from an Internet Marketing company based in NY, USA. While studying your website I couldn't help noticing it lacked any significant rankings in Google. As you already suspect, this means your site is virtually invisible to potential customers searching for a supplier in your field.

If you have a project and need help in:-

  • Improve your rankings and traffic on Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • Improve your sales, leads and conversions.
  • Grow your online business.

If you'd like to know more information on the same, you're welcome to write back to me with your questions. I would be happy to provide you more information about my Company and our services.

Hope to hearing from you soon.

Have a Good Day!

Warm Regards
Marketing Executive

My commentary: Go away. Shoo. You send from a Gmail address, use Comic Sans MS, and try to pose as a professional at Internet marketing?? C’mon, gimme a break.

, from MD

Subject line: ABOUT THE

How to find the appropriate byte offset in a exe? this step skip the modification of my file
I´m using HxD hex editor

please will you explain im a noob

My commentary: No. Please figure it out yourself.

, from AA

Subject line: Error in fx991ms

In my calculator, fx991ms,only zero is being displayed and some time it displace CONST
I am not able to perform any task. will you help me to make it correct?

P Do you really need to print this email? Please consider the environment before making a paper copy.

My commentary: People need to stop asking me for help about this bloody calculator!

, from TS

Subject line: Arithmetic Coding

Seu panão filho da puta come mães badalhoco. Nao sabes comentar a puta do teu codigo!?!?!?!?!? E pq caralho foste criar a merda de uma classe de output toda retardada que precisa de outra classe quando podias perfeitamente ter usado a puta da classe directamente. UMA CLASSE QUE JA VEM COM COMENTARIOS BTW. SUA PUTA ICESTUOSA. ESPERO QUE TENHAS LEPRA NA PILA

(Google Translate)

My commentary: Thanks! Love you too.

, from RO

<RO> nayuki can you help me about my program? please ;(

<Nayuki> Hi R, what is your program?

<RO> can you add Huffman coding in my java program ? please help me ... what your email? i want to send my program to you.

<Nayuki> Now hold on a minute
If I help you, I would be spending my time on an unknown project of unknown quality
What am I getting in return for the time spent?

<RO> Yes, of course, but,. Where do you come from?

<Nayuki> Toronto, Canada

<RO> I think you of Japan , it may be difficult to transfer your reward ,but, now hold on a minute, you have a java program that is simple Huffman to help me ?

<Nayuki> Did you look at my source code?
It is explained here:
The sample applications are HuffmanCompress and HuffmanDecompress. Links to the code are provided on the page.

<RO> I 've seen it , but I do not understand combine it with my program
if you can help me ? may not be money, probably in return I will promote your website , and I will promise you make you gain followers on facebook ? : D :D hahaha

<Nayuki> Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't need promotion or followers, it's not worth anything to me.

<RO> hahaha I'm just kidding , I know that humans only need money ,, : D : D thank you for your time

<Nayuki> Goodbye

<RO> I'll see you Later , maybe we ' will meet in paradise ,, :D

My commentary: Do you walk up to a random shop and ask for free goods? Do you call a professional lawyer and request free services? You don’t have a pre-existing business relationship, nor have you demonstrated that your ideas or project have value to me. With high probability your project is a dead-end, low-quality piece of work that never sees the light of day nor has any publishing value. No thank you, I would prefer not to contribute my time to an intellectual black hole, and I’ve given you far too much leniency instead of flatly saying “no” based on your opening line.

, from KG

Subject line: Helps Dwite

Dear sir,

I see your code DWITE Online Computer Programming. Can you send me the executable file or if possible that I send for you 3 maps and you give its solution.

Thank you.

My commentary: You’ll need to pay me for the time required to interpret your cryptic demands...

Subject line: Re: Helps Dwite

Hi Nayuki,

Thank you for your quick reply. I play a game with my bachelor children and we would like to open an excise which is as challenge. I possible that you send us the solution for the three output freely. It is just a player. If you can't isn't problem. About the payment, really  I'm from Tunisia, and I can't send the money outside through a visa card.

  Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Best regards

, from AP

Subject line: Question regarding your smallest circle algorthim implementation.

Hi Nayuki,

I saw your demo of smallest circle problem and really liked it.

I was studying the code but i am not able to understand the  following logic to construct circle with two boundary points.

Can you please explain me.

    // Two boundary points known
    private static Circle makeCircleTwoPoints(List<Point> points, Point p,
        Point q) {
    Circle temp = makeDiameter(p, q);
    if (temp.contains(points))
        return temp;
    Circle left = null;
    Circle right = null;
//This part is not clear
    for (Point r : points) { // Form a circumcircle with each point
        Point pq = q.subtract(p);
        double cross = pq.cross(r.subtract(p));
        Circle c = makeCircumcircle(p, q, r);
        if (c != null) {
            if (cross > 0
                && (left == null || pq.cross(c.c.subtract(p)) > pq
                left = c;
            else if (cross < 0
                && (right == null || pq.cross(c.c.subtract(p)) < pq
                right = c;
        return right == null || left != null && left.r <= right.r ? left
            : right;

    static Circle makeDiameter(Point a, Point b) {
        return new Circle(new Point((a.x + b.x) / 2, (a.y + b.y) / 2),
            a.distance(b) / 2);


My commentary: I already donated my code for free. Now you expect me to donate personal consulting time for free??

, from JR

Subject line: hill , rail fence and rabin

do you have a source code for hill cipher, rail fence and rabin?

i have to learn them to built a some combination encryption, can you give me the link or source javascript for that algorithm ?

thanks, GBU

My commentary: This is not a request box for things that I haven’t worked on. Unless you pay me.

, from SE

Subject line: copying a 80 digits tips

please I beg u help me by showing the video of storing it and than recalling that numbers in a same manner with 80 digits without any expotenials pls you could do this if u could share a valuable time of 1 minute wit me pls help me I am in very hungry about this pls that could help in my studies . pls do this for a student pls

My commentary: Disrespectful and absolutely appalling. Rush request, underestimating video preparation time, poor grammar, pleading based on his status as a student. Before I had a chance to respond, he even forwarded me a copy of the very same message 3 minutes later, earning himself a spammer’s badge too.

, from MI

Subject line: casio Fx-991MS

Hi i have a fx-991MS and i want to find factors like -6 on the calc is there a way to do it or it is not possible

Thnks for ur support

My commentary: People are still asking me about this dumb calculator?!

What I actually wrote to her (10 second reply): Nope, it's not possible.

, from BH

Subject line: Chemical equation balancer


My name is BH and I am a junior in high school. I am working on a project in my computer science class and I was wondering if I could use your code. I got to choose the project and I choose to make a chemical equation balancer. I like chemistry so that is why I choose it. Anyways, I am stuck on how I can best program my code so it is simple to use but also easy to create. I was wondering if I could look at your source code for some ideas. Also, if you have some suggestions for me that would be great. By the way, my program is a Gui and I have include some images of what it looks like.

Thank you very much for your time.


[2 screenshots attached, showing a GUI app on Mac OS X]

My commentary: *facepalm*

What I actually wrote to him: Sorry, I cannot provide personal advice for you. It wouldn’t be fair use of my time, and this is not what my contact information is for.

, from GJ

Subject line: Solution to the Project Euler 444

Hi Nayuki,

I was looking out for the java solution to the project euler problem 444, The Round table lottery. But that is not listed on your site.

Do you know the solution, if possible can you send it me.

My commentary: I publish code and articles for my sake, not for yours. I choose to publish what I want, when I want. Where is your gratitude when you’re making such a request to me?

What I actually wrote to him: It is not listed on the site because I have not solved it. Please don’t ask for things that don’t exist. I’m unhappy to receive your request.

, from MZ

My commentary: Yet another scam from the continent of Africa... (similar to 2012-10-20)

, from OC

Subject line: we want to order




My commentary: Please go and die. I’ve run out of sassy things to say.

What I actually wrote to him: My website is a collection of knowledge, not a retail store. I’m sorry, how did you believe that I sell calculators?

Subject line: Re: we want to order

many thanks for your respond could you direct us to your website so we can select the type that we need

My commentary: I don’t reciprocate your thanks, and you don’t seem to understand. GO DIE NOW.

, from UG

Subject line: solving the equations

Dear Sir,

How to solve a equation involving equations such as x^6+x^4-1=0(i.e x rasied to power of 6,4).
Please show with examples using fx-991MS calculator.

My commentary: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I thought the era of Casio calculator questions was over!
And “Please show with examples”? How dare you address me like I’m your private tutor!

What I actually wrote to him: I’m sorry I cannot answer your request, because I don’t give tutorials on basic operations. You should be able to find the answer in the instruction manual.

Subject line: Solving the equation using fx-991MS calculator

Dear Sir,

Thank you for response. Kindly provide a step by step procedure for solving the below eqaution using by using fx-991MS calculator.
Here I want to find the value of X
13735.84 = ((1.76*10^6/X3)+(46.41*10^3/X2))2+(1.66*10^12/X^6)

My commentary: You just don’t know when to quit, do you?

, from RK

Subject line: i want Calculators.


Casio Scientific Calculator fx 991MS  - 200   peaces question send me my mail...

**** Collage
Ph nember : **********, **********
Email @

My commentary: What on earth is your problem?! (Note: This is similar to the email from , shown below.)

, from AP

Subject line: Arithmetic Coding Code enquiry

i am miss AP from India.I have downloaded the Code for arithmetic coding (java) written and posted by you.  I am trying to run this program in JC Creator.We are able to build the file without any error but we are not able to get which file to run , to give the neccessary input for the program.

Kindly help me for running the program in any way possible.Kindly tell us which file is supposed to be run for providing the input and the file from which we have to see the output.If possible provide the steps for running in any platform or software which you might have used.

Awating for your reply.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours truly

My commentary: This request is similar to many others on this page, but at least it was worded relatively politely. But if you have trouble finding the main() method even after I documented the software package on the web page, then I have a right to doubt your competence and wonder if you’ll continue to ask more basic questions. Also, what’s up with people from India saying things like “awaiting/waiting (for) your reply”? It feels like I’m being rushed, and we never say that phrase around here in Canada.

, from [SK]

sir can you help me how to solve bisection method,newton raphson method ,regula false method,curve fitting,differntial equations in calculator casio fx 991 ms or other wise tell me the websites which had the fully detailed ato z information

My commentary: Needy, greedy, and sloppy. Go away.

, from BEJN

My commentary: I never thought I’d get a Nigerian scam at this email address. The telephone number has Togo’s area code, which is a country beside Nigeria.

, from SS

Subject line: Project Euler HELP

Hello Nayuki ,
I have taken help from your site " " while solving project euler problems
I have solved 50 questions from project euler and found that not every question contain pdf for further reading(accessed after solving the question)
it seems you have solved many questions in project euler.
it would be very nice if you help me by giving me the list of question which contain pdf after solving....because i think that the question that contain pdf are actually important and i want to do all those......

My commentary: Note to self: If the message contains the word “help”, then it’s likely to be a bad one.

, from DM

Subject line: Urgently Need a Calculator

How much $ does it cost for me to get one i need a Casio Calculator Fx 991 ms

DDD > D3

My commentary: Seriously? WTF?!

, from JA

i found your site, and i was wondering if it is possible to store the letters. i know how to store numbers in letters, but i want to know if u can store letters/formulas in a letter... if u know what i mean...
lets say (a-b)^2 = (a-b)(a-b)
or if thats not possible, maybe just (a-b)(a-b) or anything like that stored into letter A ??

thank you

My commentary: No, I don’t know what you mean, and I don’t follow what your newfangled interpretation of math is.

, from FAM

Subject line: Question on Automatic Caesar cipher breaker ?

Hello my friend,
I'm looking for your Automatic Caesar cipher breaker. It's very useful tutorial to be honest with you  but I don't understand very much the idea how to break the cipher text ?
What I understand is :     1. I need to calculate the number of times for each letter
2. then I need to compare with letter frequency on english language
3. after that ... What I need to do ? and how can I get the key ?

My commentary: I find it very presumptuous that you call me your friend on first contact. Also, I have explicitly stated on my about page (version as of Apr 2012) that I do not give basic tutorials on math or programming.

, from PS

Subject line: HELP

yo wheres the answers for the 2008 dwite competition
i have been trying this one problem for at least two three days now and haven't been able to solve it
its the tetris one
the link to the question^^
can you solve it?
please reply asap
thanks a lot you rock

if you have extra time, can you solve this too?

My commentary: yo plz send money asap thanks a lot you rock :)

, from API

Subject line: please support me in casio calculators.

is it possible to perform integral(sin x) or some othet integration problems in CASIO fx-991MS calculator? Is so please help me by replaying. what ever be the possibility inform me.

My commentary: RTFM. I seriously need to set up a mandatory donation system.

, from AF

Subject line: Fwd: CONV KEY


Hello,pls how i'm going to use the CONVERSION KEY on my casio scientific calculator model fx991MS.thanks

My commentary: RTFM. Seriously. User’s Guide 2, pages E-22 and E-23.

, from RD

Subject line: (blank)


I have recently visited your site to view how others had solved the "Dwite Computing Competition" problems. As i am a beginner at Java, i was unable to understand how you had solved the problems, although, i am very much interested in finding out. If it is not too much of a bother, i would greatly appreciate if you could send me things such as tutorials which you find would help me to learn Java. I am not completely new at coding, and i know the basics but i haven't gotten the logic and many of the functions of Java yet.

Thank you,

My commentary: Have you first searched on Google and searched in bookstores? Or are asking me to be your personal tutor?

, from VS

Subject line: about fx-991MS calculator

Respected sir,
myself V. sir today i purchase  a new scientific calculator-  : fx-991MS.
sir, in this calculator i am not able to solve combination & permutation.
eg. 6C3,  or 4P2 like that.
that means in calcy i am not getting how to solve.
Before this calcy i have CASIO fx-100W calcy.
In this calcy there was a seperate button for this .I mean i can easily find the answer.
But in new calcy i have problem.
Sir can you help me?
Please reply me what step i follow for this. and also guide what another setting i have to do i calcy (for decimal point adjusment etc.)
I'm Waiting for  your reply.


My commentary: Respected sir, I’m sick and tired of listening to rambling telemarketers from India.

, from JP

Subject line: (blank)

hello from greece... im student at a greek university... Could you please send me a txt file with the code of brute force on caesar's cipher??? i would be very usefull for me....

thank you in advance , JP

My commentary: Could you send me an envelope with the money, minimum 20 USD? It would be very useful for me. After that, we’ll talk.

, from AP

Subject line: commenting my program

hi, can you try my cryptographic program at

ok, thanks, please report what the negative and the positive. sorry for my bad english but i am sure you understand it

My commentary: You’re asking for my advice on your problems. I need upfront payment for that, thank you.

, from EON

Subject line: fx 991ms caculators

i need about 4000 pieces of fx 991 casio caculators and want to place an order as early as possible so i want to know the price  and the details of the process involve and i will like to know if you have a company at china.

My commentary: Do I look even remotely like a merchant to you?

, from CR

Subject line: expain about operation 5%2=1

hello sir

can u please explain about this how to get this modulus function in 991 MS please it will so greateful to u .

waiting for ur answer

My commentary: Your poor spelling shows a lack of respect for my time. I must conclude that you don’t deserve any attention from me.


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