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Patchouli Knowledge laptop sticker


It’s an ita-laptop!

In the otaku world, there are people who decorate their cars with stickers of girls from anime, games, and the like. The resulting cars are called itasha (痛車), meaning painful car. Now, I’m not a car enthusiast – I treat them in a very utilitarian way – but I am a computer enthusiast. I like to select the parts for my PCs and build them myself. I’m proud of owning them and maintaining them in a usable condition (software and hardware) to serve my needs. With this pride and the fact that I’m an anime enthusiast, it was only a matter of time before I would decorate my computers like an itasha.

My interest was sparked one day while browsing the web, coming across this photo of a laptop whose cover had a transparent sticker of Cirno. Seeing how someone got something like this, I knew I just had to get a sticker for my own laptop too. I chose the character Patchouli Knowledge for myself because I thought, and still think, that her personality is reminiscent of mine. She likes to stay indoors, away from people, and read books; she is quiet, extremely knowledgeable, and quite strong in battle. By her on my laptop, I figured I could make a subtle statement about myself.

The artwork for this sticker was done by my cousin by commission. I requested for the art to imitate the style of colonel_AKI’s Maid-san no Hibi comic. Then I asked Shinzo Media to produce the sticker for about 20 CAD. The final product is made of white vinyl (PVC), cut into pieces according to the artwork. That means each white part is a piece, and the whole design has many edges, which is liable to peel with rough handling. I wanted to have a result like the Cirno sticker – a rectangular transparent sticker with opaque parts printed on – but I am satisfied enough with what I got. In the future, I will keep looking for better ways to have a proper transparent sticker, because I know I want to decorate more of my computers.

With this, I am now the proud owner of an ita-laptop!


Head crop
Grazing angle
Patchouli Knowledge line art

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