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Full transcription of Ichigo Mashimaro – Main Theme

CD album booklet cover

“Main Theme” (メインテーマ) is an instrumental background music piece used in the anime series Ichigo Mashimaro (苺ましまろ).

Technical info: The song is in the key of E with no accidentals. The tempo is 128 BPM.



Ichigo Mashimaro - Main Theme - Melodic structure

This song is one the few where I managed to transcribe each instrument nearly perfectly. In most songs, I can’t identify all the chords or even detect the existence of some fainter instruments. (It would be nice to listen to the music producer’s tracks instead of the final mixdown.) In Main Theme however, the highly repetitive nature of the instrumental melodies and the way certain instruments come in and out makes it tremendously easier to transcribe each instrument fully. Guitar 0, 1 had some chords that were hard to identify outside the solo section in bars 0 to 4, and guitar 2 was faint so the near-solo in bars 56 to 64 were helpful. The other instruments were reasonable to transcribe in the full audio mix. The only parts of the transcription I’m not fully confident about are the unique end-of-phrase melodies like in bars 55, 95, and 99.

The transcription to sheet music, the MIDI output, and the Ogg Vorbis rendering are made by Nayuki. The original song is not made by Nayuki. The image is the Ichigo Mashimaro OST CD album booklet cover, not made by Nayuki. The CD album is 苺ましまろ オリジナルサウンドトラック, catalog code GNCA-1035.

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