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Dvorak keyboard in use warning sign

Dvorak keyboard in use warning sign
Dvorak keyboard warning sign at computer desk

As mentioned on the page I type in Dvorak, section “How do other people use your computers?”, it’s a pain for other people to use my computers due to my keyboard layout. I constantly have to remind them to switch to QWERTY, lest they type a bunch of garbage and end up confused. In particular, at my workplace I periodically have project team members come to my computer to show me how to do things, or IT support staff come and troubleshoot software, and they’ve been tripped up enough times.

My use of the Dvorak keyboard layout has confused enough people that I decided to do something about it – design a warning sign and post it beside my computer. (There were no ready-made images from a quick Google image search, so I had to make it myself.)

The sign is a quick one-hour design job in LibreOffice Draw. It has good alignment and spacing. The choice of fonts (variants of Arial) is nothing special. Some deficiencies are that the warning triangle doesn’t have rounded corners and the exclamation mark isn’t very aesthetically pleasing.