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Poor feedback from readers

I’ve been running this web site since 2007, and I get email feedback from readers every now and then. While half of it is decent and sometimes interesting, it’s roughly the other half of the feedback that shocks me: They are absolutely horrible in the quality of the ideas and the writing, and they sometimes demand an unjustified favor from me.

Please don’t send me feedback that looks like these messages! Read the following examples and judge for yourself.


, from KG

Subject line: Helps Dwite

Dear sir,

I see your code DWITE Online Computer Programming. Can you send me the executable file or if possible that I send for you 3 maps and you give its solution.

Thank you.

My response: You’ll need to pay me for the time required to interpret your cryptic demands...

Subject line: Re: Helps Dwite

Hi Nayuki,

Thank you for your quick reply. I play a game with my bachelor children and we would like to open an excise which is as challenge. I possible that you send us the solution for the three output freely. It is just a player. If you can't isn't problem. About the payment, really  I'm from Tunisia, and I can't send the money outside through a visa card.

  Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Best regards

, from AP

Subject line: Question regarding your smallest circle algorthim implementation.

Hi Nayuki,

I saw your demo of smallest circle problem and really liked it.

I was studying the code but i am not able to understand the  following logic to construct circle with two boundary points.

Can you please explain me.

    // Two boundary points known
    private static Circle makeCircleTwoPoints(List<Point> points, Point p,
        Point q) {
    Circle temp = makeDiameter(p, q);
    if (temp.contains(points))
        return temp;
    Circle left = null;
    Circle right = null;
//This part is not clear
    for (Point r : points) { // Form a circumcircle with each point
        Point pq = q.subtract(p);
        double cross = pq.cross(r.subtract(p));
        Circle c = makeCircumcircle(p, q, r);
        if (c != null) {
            if (cross > 0
                && (left == null || pq.cross(c.c.subtract(p)) > pq
                left = c;
            else if (cross < 0
                && (right == null || pq.cross(c.c.subtract(p)) < pq
                right = c;
        return right == null || left != null && left.r <= right.r ? left
            : right;

    static Circle makeDiameter(Point a, Point b) {
        return new Circle(new Point((a.x + b.x) / 2, (a.y + b.y) / 2),
            a.distance(b) / 2);


My response: I already donated my code for free. Now you expect me to donate personal consulting time for free??

, from JR

Subject line: hill , rail fence and rabin

do you have a source code for hill cipher, rail fence and rabin?

i have to learn them to built a some combination encryption, can you give me the link or source javascript for that algorithm ?

thanks, GBU

My response: This is not a request box for things that I haven’t worked on. Unless you pay me.

, from SE

Subject line: copying a 80 digits tips

please I beg u help me by showing the video of storing it and than recalling that numbers in a same manner with 80 digits without any expotenials pls you could do this if u could share a valuable time of 1 minute wit me pls help me I am in very hungry about this pls that could help in my studies . pls do this for a student pls

My response: Disrespectful and absolutely appalling. Rush request, underestimating video preparation time, poor grammar, pleading based on his status as a student. Before I had a chance to respond, he even forwarded me a copy of the very same message 3 minutes later, earning himself a spammer’s badge too.

, from MI

Subject line: casio Fx-991MS

Hi i have a fx-991MS and i want to find factors like -6 on the calc is there a way to do it or it is not possible

Thnks for ur support

My response: People are still asking me about this dumb calculator?!

What I actually wrote to her (10 second reply): Nope, it's not possible.

, from BH

Subject line: Chemical equation balancer


My name is BH and I am a junior in high school. I am working on a project in my computer science class and I was wondering if I could use your code. I got to choose the project and I choose to make a chemical equation balancer. I like chemistry so that is why I choose it. Anyways, I am stuck on how I can best program my code so it is simple to use but also easy to create. I was wondering if I could look at your source code for some ideas. Also, if you have some suggestions for me that would be great. By the way, my program is a Gui and I have include some images of what it looks like.

Thank you very much for your time.


[2 screenshots attached, showing a GUI app on Mac OS X]

My response: *facepalm*

What I actually wrote to him: Sorry, I cannot provide personal advice for you. It wouldn’t be fair use of my time, and this is not what my contact information is for.

, from GJ

Subject line: Solution to the Project Euler 444

Hi Nayuki,

I was looking out for the java solution to the project euler problem 444, The Round table lottery. But that is not listed on your site.

Do you know the solution, if possible can you send it me.

My response: I publish code and articles for my sake, not for yours. I choose to publish what I want, when I want. Where is your gratitude when you’re making such a request to me?

What I actually wrote to him: It is not listed on the site because I have not solved it. Please don’t ask for things that don’t exist. I’m unhappy to receive your request.

, from MZ

My response: Yet another scam from the continent of Africa... (similar to 2012-10-20)

, from OC

Subject line: we want to order




My response: Please go and die. I’ve run out of sassy things to say.

What I actually wrote to him: My web site is a collection of knowledge, not a retail store. I’m sorry, how did you believe that I sell calculators?

Subject line: Re: we want to order

many thanks for your respond could you direct us to your web site so we can select the type that we need

My response: I don’t reciprocate your thanks, and you don’t seem to understand. GO DIE NOW.

, from UG

Subject line: solving the equations

Dear Sir,

How to solve a equation involving equations such as x^6+x^4-1=0(i.e x rasied to power of 6,4).
Please show with examples using fx-991MS calculator.

My response: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I thought the era of Casio calculator questions was over!
And “Please show with examples”? How dare you address me like I’m your private tutor!

What I actually wrote to him: I’m sorry I cannot answer your request, because I don’t give tutorials on basic operations. You should be able to find the answer in the instruction manual.

Subject line: Solving the equation using fx-991MS calculator

Dear Sir,

Thank you for response. Kindly provide a step by step procedure for solving the below eqaution using by using fx-991MS calculator.
Here I want to find the value of X
13735.84 = ((1.76*10^6/X3)+(46.41*10^3/X2))2+(1.66*10^12/X^6)

My response: You just don’t know when to quit, do you?

, from RK

Subject line: i want Calculators.


Casio Scientific Calculator fx 991MS  - 200   peaces question send me my mail...

**** Collage
Ph nember : **********, **********
Email @

My response: What on earth is your problem?! (Note: This is similar to the email from , shown below.)

, from AP

Subject line: Arithmetic Coding Code enquiry

i am miss AP from India.I have downloaded the Code for arithmetic coding (java) written and posted by you.  I am trying to run this program in JC Creator.We are able to build the file without any error but we are not able to get which file to run , to give the neccessary input for the program.

Kindly help me for running the program in any way possible.Kindly tell us which file is supposed to be run for providing the input and the file from which we have to see the output.If possible provide the steps for running in any platform or software which you might have used.

Awating for your reply.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours truly

My response: This request is similar to many others on this page, but at least it was worded relatively politely. But if you have trouble finding the main() method even after I documented the software package on the web page, then I have a right to doubt your competence and wonder if you’ll continue to ask more basic questions. Also, what’s up with people from India saying things like “awaiting/waiting (for) your reply”? It feels like I’m being rushed, and we never say that phrase around here in Canada.

, from BEJN

My response: I never thought I’d get a Nigerian scam at this email address. The telephone number has Togo’s area code, which is a country beside Nigeria.

, from SS

Subject line: Project Euler HELP

Hello Nayuki ,
I have taken help from your site " " while solving project euler problems
I have solved 50 questions from project euler and found that not every question contain pdf for further reading(accessed after solving the question)
it seems you have solved many questions in project euler.
it would be very nice if you help me by giving me the list of question which contain pdf after solving....because i think that the question that contain pdf are actually important and i want to do all those......

My response: Note to self: If the message contains the word “help”, then it’s likely to be a bad one.

, from DM

Subject line: Urgently Need a Calculator

How much $ does it cost for me to get one i need a Casio Calculator Fx 991 ms

DDD > D3

My response: Seriously? WTF?!

, from JA

i found your site, and i was wondering if it is possible to store the letters. i know how to store numbers in letters, but i want to know if u can store letters/formulas in a letter... if u know what i mean...
lets say (a-b)^2 = (a-b)(a-b)
or if thats not possible, maybe just (a-b)(a-b) or anything like that stored into letter A ??

thank you

My response: No, I don’t know what you mean, and I don’t follow what your newfangled interpretation of math is.

, from FAM

Subject line: Question on Automatic Caesar cipher breaker ?

Hello my friend,
I'm looking for your Automatic Caesar cipher breaker. It's very useful tutorial to be honest with you  but I don't understand very much the idea how to break the cipher text ?
What I understand is :     1. I need to calculate the number of times for each letter
2. then I need to compare with letter frequency on english language
3. after that ... What I need to do ? and how can I get the key ?

My response: I find it very presumptuous that you call me your friend on first contact. Also, I have explicitly stated on my about page that I do not give basic tutorials on math or programming.

, from PS

Subject line: HELP

yo wheres the answers for the 2008 dwite competition
i have been trying this one problem for at least two three days now and haven't been able to solve it
its the tetris one
the link to the question^^
can you solve it?
please reply asap
thanks a lot you rock

if you have extra time, can you solve this too?

My response: yo plz send money asap thanks a lot you rock :)

, from API

Subject line: please support me in casio calculators.

is it possible to perform integral(sin x) or some othet integration problems in CASIO fx-991MS calculator? Is so please help me by replaying. what ever be the possibility inform me.

My response: RTFM. I seriously need to set up a mandatory donation system.

, from AF

Subject line: Fwd: CONV KEY


Hello,pls how i'm going to use the CONVERSION KEY on my casio scientific calculator model fx991MS.thanks

My response: RTFM. Seriously. User’s Guide 2, pages E-22 and E-23.

, from RD

Subject line: (blank)


I have recently visited your site to view how others had solved the "Dwite Computing Competition" problems. As i am a beginner at Java, i was unable to understand how you had solved the problems, although, i am very much interested in finding out. If it is not too much of a bother, i would greatly appreciate if you could send me things such as tutorials which you find would help me to learn Java. I am not completely new at coding, and i know the basics but i haven't gotten the logic and many of the functions of Java yet.

Thank you,

My response: Have you first searched on Google and searched in bookstores? Or are asking me to be your personal tutor?

, from VS

Subject line: about fx-991MS calculator

Respected sir,
myself V. sir today i purchase  a new scientific calculator-  : fx-991MS.
sir, in this calculator i am not able to solve combination & permutation.
eg. 6C3,  or 4P2 like that.
that means in calcy i am not getting how to solve.
Before this calcy i have CASIO fx-100W calcy.
In this calcy there was a seperate button for this .I mean i can easily find the answer.
But in new calcy i have problem.
Sir can you help me?
Please reply me what step i follow for this. and also guide what another setting i have to do i calcy (for decimal point adjusment etc.)
I'm Waiting for  your reply.


My response: Respected sir, I’m sick and tired of listening to rambling telemarketers from India.

, from JP

Subject line: (blank)

hello from greece... im student at a greek university... Could you please send me a txt file with the code of brute force on caesar's cipher??? i would be very usefull for me....

thank you in advance , JP

My response: Could you send me an envelope with the money, minimum 20 USD? It would be very useful for me. After that, we’ll talk.

, from AP

Subject line: commenting my program

hi, can you try my cryptographic program at

ok, thanks, please report what the negative and the positive. sorry for my bad english but i am sure you understand it

My response: You’re asking for my advice on your problems. I need upfront payment for that, thank you.

, from EON

Subject line: fx 991ms caculators

i need about 4000 pieces of fx 991 casio caculators and want to place an order as early as possible so i want to know the price  and the details of the process involve and i will like to know if you have a company at china.

My response: Do I look even remotely like a merchant to you?

, from CR

Subject line: expain about operation 5%2=1

hello sir

can u please explain about this how to get this modulus function in 991 MS please it will so greateful to u .

waiting for ur answer

My response: Your poor spelling shows a lack of respect for my time. I must conclude that you don’t deserve any attention from me.


The quoted messages are largely unmodified. Only these modifications were made:

  • The name of the person was abbreviated (e.g. John Smith into JS), to protect their dignity or what remains thereof.
  • Some hard line breaks were removed for better readability.

Other than that, nothing else was changed. In particular, the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and spacing are exactly the way the person wrote them.

I noticed that being addressed as “sir” is strongly correlated with the sender being from India. I conjecture that it might be taught as a respectful form of addressing someone, but I personally find it to be very cold and distancing. That being said, I am not inviting you to feign familiarity with me either.

Don’t get the impression that all my emails from readers are bad, though. Half of the feedback has been good, ranging from compliments to relevant ideas to business deals. I’ve only highlighted the bad ones here to illustrate the burdens of being a web site operator.