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Hi there! I’m a software developer who goes by the name Nayuki. My background is that I live in Toronto, Canada and studied computer science at the University of Toronto. Besides computers, I am also interested in mathematics, photography, anime, and cosplay. As you look around, you’ll notice that these are the major topics on my web site.

I maintain this web site to share stuff that is meaningful to me, including:

(Prospective employer? Please have a look at the supplement to my résumé.)


I appreciate your feedback about my programming/math/writing work. Let me know if there’s something that can be improved, if you did some related work, or a piece of my work was useful to you, etc.

Good examples:

  • You have a typo on the page “Good Java idioms”, in the phrase “get a obejct”. (Please tell me about typos/errors, no matter how small! I aim for perfection.)

  • I worked on a Caesar cipher breaker too, and I thought I’d let you know about how my work goes beyond yours.

  • Thank you for your triangle solver! I’m a high school student in Alabama, and your calculator was helpful for checking my homework answers.

Bad examples:

  • I saw your calculator page, and can you help me with this derivative question?

  • can u tutor me? Plz post more project euler solutions! where can i find the sine funciton?

  • More: Poor feedback from readers

Email address:

As long as your message is polite and reasonable, I typically reply in less than 24 hours.

If you want help for your personal problem, you must make a minimum donation of 20 USD, and I will try my best to help you. Otherwise this policy applies: If you have a question to ask me, please first try to find the answer by yourself, by searching and reading Google, Wikipedia, etc. I expect you to do your preparation before contacting me.

I’m available for consulting services – for example, if you would like me to customize one of my programs for you, write a new program that is similar to my past works, debug your code/reasoning/documentation, or add new functionality to your existing codebase. Consulting rates start at 100 USD per task.



If you found my writing or code to be helpful, please consider making a donation to show your support.

Elsewhere on the web

Most of my work and data is hosted on this web site (Project Nayuki), but some of it is hosted at other places. Here is a list with the more important sites at the top:

Site Link Topic
Stack Overflow Programming Q&A
MyAnimeList Anime watched
GitHub Programming projects
Delicious Notable web links
Flickr Photography
Goodreads Books read
Wikipedia (English) Pages copyedited
Project Euler Programming/math exercises
YouTube Various videos