Project Nayuki


Introduction – me and the site

Hello there! I’m a software developer who goes by the name Nayuki. My background is that I live in Toronto, Canada and studied computer science at the University of Toronto. Besides computers, I am also interested in mathematics, photography, and anime. As you look around, you’ll notice they are the main topics on my web site.

I maintain this web site to share stuff that is meaningful to me, including:

  • Explaining my understanding of how things work: [0], [1], [2]
  • Showcasing my work for its quality or uniqueness: [3], [4]
  • Talking about one of my personal circumstances: [5]

(Prospective employer? Please browse this site as my portfolio, and also glance at the supplement to my résumé.)

Contact Nayuki by email

I appreciate your feedback about the programming/math/ideas on my web site. Please make sure your topic is about my published work. For example: Thanks for an article, pointing out a typo, requesting code licensing, showing me your further exploration on a topic.

If you need me to solve your personal problem or fulfill a request, I can offer my services.
The consulting fee starts at $20 USD, payable by PayPal or Bitcoin.

Email address: (I typically reply in under 24 hours)

Notes about contacting me:

  • Here are examples of decent feedback and poor feedback from readers.

  • Copyrights and licensing are explained in the bottom section of this page.

  • I appreciate typo and factual corrections, no matter how small. My goal is to write high-quality code and documentation.

  • If you need software development work to be done, I am available for hire. For example: Customizing one of my existing programs for your needs, writing a new program that is similar to my past works, debugging your code/reasoning/documentation, adding new functionality to your codebase. My consulting rate starts at $50 USD per hour. You can expect to get the same quality of work as you see on this web site.

Donate by Bitcoin

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If you found my writing or code to be helpful, please consider making a donation to show your support.

Elsewhere on the web

Most of the work I produced is hosted on this web site (Project Nayuki), but some of it is hosted elsewhere. Here is a list of the other sites, with the most important ones at the top:

Site Link Topic
GitHub Programming projects
Stack Overflow Programming Q&A
MyAnimeList Anime watched
Delicious Notable web links
Flickr Photography
Goodreads Books read
Wikipedia (English) Pages copyedited
Project Euler Programming/math exercises
YouTube Various videos